Vinyl Bowl


While at my visit to Chicago Art Institute for a summer coarse, Erin Winch showed me a very interesting idea. Vinyl has a very low melting point. It can even warp in the heat of the sun! Well why not take a vinyl record and melt it into the shape of a bowl? Here is the adventure...


First you must find some cheapo wacky record.


A glass bowl a little smaller than record is needed.


You will also need a can of something.


Preheat the oven to bake at 200 degrees.


Put the record on your head for good luck.


Place the record on top of the glass bowl and center it.


Place in heated oven and place the can on top of the record.


The record should start to warp like so.



This is what you don't want to happen. If the sides fold over the glass bowl, then the can cannot push the record down. Therefore you need a bigger glass bowl. Pressing it all down helps too.



Push the can down every so often to make it a deeper bowl.


And POOF! PRESTO! WALLA! Just let it cool down and harden.


Celebrate by eating some Equal tea sweetener.


And your life is now complete.


It can hold girl scout cookies or even almonds!



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